2021 US SUMO OPEN – 21st Annual

The Legacy Continues . . .
Most Spectacular Sumo Competition in North America, for 21 years!

FALL, 2021

Details TBA


Since 2001, the annual US Sumo Open has been a hallmark event, setting milestones in international sumo’s growth. As the largest and longest-running, annual sumo competition worldwide, it’s the only sumo event in North America where you can catch this caliber of international sumo, every year. The competition level is also spectacular, with over 700 international athletes who have wrestled. Most of these competitors are National or World Sumo Champions — from over 40 different countries. We’re proud to be pioneers in developing this ancient martial art in the United States.

With international weight divisions, women’s competition, and athletes from around the world, the US Sumo Open has something for everyone. Who will win THIS TIME?!


Please contact us for Athlete Registration Information.

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