Japanese sumo

Sumo originated in Japan over 1,500 years ago, and included competition between ancient agricultural communities. Sumo developed into entertainment for the royal court over 1,200 years ago, and was also used for martial training of warriors over the centuries.
Enter the unique world of sumo . . .


Multi-time World Sumo Champion, YAMA, with 30 years of sumo experience, coaches you directly. His Pro Sumo top division success, and his unique insight will help you with customized sumo guidance, so you can develop your own, most effective style.


Techniques are very important in sumo, since technical expertise enables experienced sumo wrestlers to defeat opponents who are larger, stronger, or faster. Here are some examples of just a few common winning techniques.


In sumo, discipline and athleticism are much more important than sheer size! Elite sumo wrestlers are some of the most fit athletes you will find, anywhere. Most top sumo wrestlers train for hours, almost every day, year-round. Here’s an overview of sumo training.


Some people think sumo wrestlers are out of shape and unhealthy, but in fact, most elite sumo wrestlers have immense power, speed, balance, and flexibility, from hours of daily training. They also support their athletic workouts with the traditional Japanese sumo staple of “chanko-nabe”.


Sumo, as a sport and martial art, is good exercise, developing strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance. Many participants enjoy sumo simply as exercise or recreation, while others take amateur competition seriously. Sumo is a relatively safe contact sport, with the focus on technique and self-cultivation.


Professional sumo wrestlers, or “rikishi”, generally enter a “heya” (sumo stable) at a young age, and engage in grueling training, while following traditional rules of respect, discipline, and service to elders. Professional sumo is not just a sport, but a wonderful symbol of Japanese culture.


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