SUMO BELTS (Mawashi)

We are authorized U.S. representative of official Japanese sumo equipment. All sumo belts are OFFICIAL thickness and strength, with special knitting, from Japan, and are approved for official tournaments worldwide. These are real sumo belts, used throughout Japan in both amateur and professional sumo.

These mawashis will fit most people, up to about 48″ waist. If you have a larger waist, please contact us your waist size, and we can prepare a quote for a custom size that will fit you.

Note: We don’t handle international orders.

sumo belt, mawashi

Standard Mawashi – White

It’s perfect for everyone, for both practice and competition. ($110 + shipping)

sumo belt, mawashi

Extra-thick Mawashi – Black

This belt is a little heavier, and is also great for practice and tournaments. ($170 + shipping)


Convenient sumo starter package — great for beginners. Start your sumo practice today!!

* The sumo belts fit almost anyone with waist size up to about 48 inches. For larger sizes, please contact us about custom lengths.
* Please let us know your t-shirt size (S – 3XL)  when you order the kit.
* No replacement.


Starter Kit #1: $135.00 + shipping

This package includes: (1) standard white sumo belt, (1) Sumo Action t-shirt, (1) Winning Technique Guide, (3) US Sumo Open tournament programs.


Starter Kit #2: $195.00 + shipping

This package includes: (1) Extra-thick black sumo belt, (1) Sumo Action t-shirt, (1) Winning Technique Guide, (3) US Sumo Open tournament programs.


Compact and easy to assemble, the ring consists of a thick canvas base, and compressed foam pieces. It is easily transportable in two bags. Perfect for all types of sumo events.

This ring is also extremely durable, and should last in good condition, for many years, if not decades, even with rigorous daily sumo practice. Approved by the Japan Sumo Federation.

* Price fluctuates depending on exchange rates, but usually it’s around US $3K, plus shipping.

sumo ring

YAMAMOTO SUMO SECRETS – Expert Sumo Guidance

This is the first book in English, by a Pro Sumo star, that shares details of his lifetime of training. Read about Yama’s own amazing stories from decades in the world of sumo, and also get practical guidance on how to improve your own sumo. This book is for BOTH sumo fans who want a “behind-the-scenes” view, and ALSO for sumo practitioners who want rapid development!

$25 + shipping


These traditional robes are worn by sumo wrestlers in Japan when they are not training in the ring. Stylish, comfortable, and easy to put on & take off.
Notes: Sizes are approximate, and highly adjustable. 

Grand Sumo – Blue
(2XL – 3XL: $245)

Grand Sumo – Wave
(2XL- 3XL: $220)

Grand Sumo – Dolphin
(XL- 2XL: $200)

Grand Sumo – Sakura
(XL- 2XL: $175)

(L – XL: $75, 2XL – 3XL: $85)

(L – XL: $75, 2XL – 3XL: $85)

(L – XL: $75, 2XL – 3XL: $85)

(L – XL: $75, 2XL – 3XL: $85)

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