Choose from a veritable museum of authentic sumo paraphernalia from Japan, including actual referee costumes and accoutrements, real sumo belts, various sumo ring options, as well as numerous props, used by the referee, attendants, judges, and more. Ceremonial costumes, souvenirs, and posters are also available. If there is any sumo-related item that you need to rent or purchase, we have it, or have access to it.


These silk-like colorful sumo belts (mawashis) with tassles are available to rent for special performances and shoots. These are replicas of the elite professional sumo belts, and are not used in international competition. They are great for performances or shows depicting pro sumo action.
* Additional colors, like Green, Orange, Shiny Black, etc. are also available.

sumo beltShiny Blue
Shiny Purple
sumo beltMatte Red
Matte Yellow



This sumo belt is OFFICIAL thickness and strength, from Japan, and is eligible for use in official tournaments worldwide.
We are authorized representative of the official Japanese supplier of sumo equipment in the U.S.
We normally have both these options in stock. Custom lengths, weights, and styles are also available, by special order.
*Mawashi prices fluctuate, due to Japanese yen exchange rates, and other factors. Please check with us for current price quotes.

belt-whiteStandard Sumo Belt – White
It’s perfect for everyone, for both practice and competition.

belt-blackExtra-thick Sumo Belt – Black
This belt is a little heavier, and is also great for practice and tournaments.


sumo ring, dohyo

Portable sumo ring
This is compact and easy to assemble. It consists of a thick canvas base, and multiple compressed foam pieces to form the ring. It is easily transportable in two bags. Perfect for all types of sumo events.


Real sumo ring with bales
This includes rice bales, which are folded, stuffed, and tied, to create the professional sumo ring. This looks absolutely authentic, but requires more extensive handling and time to construct.


Sumo Referee – Gold
costume-2Sumo Referee – Purple
costume-3Ringside Attendant – Lavender
costume-4Sumo Wrestler Robe


prop-1Sumo topknot wig
prop-2Referee’s paddles
prop-3Wooden clappers
prop-4Water buckets
prop-5Sumo brooms
prop-6Sumo ceremonial apron
prop-7Ranking chart
prop-8Elite sumo hand prints
prop-9Japanese fans
prop-10Sumo posters
prop-11Salt baskets
prop-12Sumo cushions
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