1. Do I have to be fat to do sumo?
No, you do not have to be fat. In fact, most of the very successful sumo wrestlers, both professional and amateur, are not fat, by any standard. Generally, if you are athletic, you can do well in sumo. Of course, fat or skinny, big or small, you are welcome to participate in sumo.

2. Can anyone try sumo?
Yes. Almost anyone, regardless of age, size, or gender, can practice sumo. If you are able to handle simple calisthenics, and can squat on your haunches without falling over, you should do just fine.

3. What do I need to bring to practice sumo?
For amateur sumo practice, please wear comfortable athletic wear. Generally, tight shorts (or biker shorts) are ideal for both men and women. The sumo belt is worn over the shorts. A tight-fitting shirt or top is worn by women, and men may opt to wear a shirt for practice, too. The traditional sumo attire (naked except for the mawashi) is also fine for those guys who are comfortable with the exposure.

4. Where can I watch sumo matches?
Outside of Japan, amateur sumo competitions are held in much of the world. For a listing of some sumo competitions in the U.S. More

5. Can I meet the World Sumo Champion?
At most of our practices, the World Sumo Champion participates in the training. Please contact us in advance, if you would like to confirm his presence. In addition, several top American sumo wrestlers, including one or more US Champions, generally train with us weekly.

6. Are there sumo classes in my area?
As American sumo is just developing, there are still only a few groups that practice regularly in this country. Please contact us for referrals to the nearest sumo practice location.

7. Can some real sumo wrestlers demonstrate sumo at my event?
Yes. Depending on the nature of your event, there are several sumo wrestlers available, including the World Sumo Champion. More

8. How can I get more information on sumo events?
We send out e-mail updates about once a month, with information on upcoming sumo events.

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