US SUMO OPEN 2019 – Tickets on sale January 8!

Don’t miss this amazing once-a-year opportunity. Multiple World Sumo Champions will clash, as the drama continues in 2019 . . . be a part of sumo history!


YAMA Stars in the New Movie “Sushi Tushi”

(October, 2018)
What happens when a losing football team recruits Sumo Stars? A comedy for the ages . . Check out the film here. 
The $11 for one year of access also supports the Sushi Tushi graphic novel fundrasier!


YAMA vs. NFL’s Martellus Bennett!

(September 13, 2018)
Check out Episode 2 of “Mostly Football”, where NFL star Martellus goes against the big man from Japan! Watch Now


MEL Magazine Covers Women’s Sumo

(June 29, 2018)
The focus is on local ladies in Los Angeles, competing on the world level. More

video 2018

Relive the 2018 US SUMO OPEN!

(June 25, 2018)
Check out many of the best matches with commentary in each weight class. You’ll see some of the coolest techniques yet! Watch Now


Sumo Champs on CBS “Elementary” (episode: Give Me the Finger)

(June 4, 2018)
While Holmes and Watson solve a yakuza case, sumo stars Yama, Byamba, and Takeshi spar in the background. Watch Now

2018 Highlights

2018 US SUMO OPEN Highlight video

(May 23, 2018)
Check out complete results and catch the “Highlights” video . . more footage coming soon! Watch Now

nbc1st look

NBC “1st Look” Features YAMA on May 5

(May 5, 2018)
Johnny Bananas takes on 600-pound Yama. Somebody’s gonna get smushed! Check local listing for showtimes. Watch Now


Winning Sumo Moves

(April 8, 2018)
Sumo Champs Byamba and Takeshi show some winning techniques. Get a taste of real sumo skill! Watch Now


Conan O’Brien and Kevin Hart Do Sumo?

(March 15, 2018)
Check out the premiere episode of “What the Fit” — apparently not everyone has what it takes!

Kevin and Conan learn from Byamba, Kelly, and Takeshi.

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