Kyle Lowry Takes the (Sumo Yama) Charge

(April 4, 2022)
Yama takes on the NBA legend in this comedic spot! Watch


Eating 100,000 Calories?

(March 13, 2022)
Can Yama and friends eat 100K calories? Yama’s latest Youtuber appearance Watch


(December 28, 2021)
Feel the excitement of this 21st annual tournament, with a taste of the 154 matches. Watch

Yama and Ed

YAMA Appears in His Second Ed Sheeran Music Video

(October 29, 2021)
You all know Yama’s big part in “Shape of You“!  Now, check out Overpass Graffiti — see the last 30 seconds for Yama and Ed together . . .


2021 US SUMO OPEN – 21st Annual

(Saturday, October 2, 2021) Terasaki Budokan, Los Angeles
The big tournament will continue for its 21st consecutive year! More


KCAL and CBS Cover Sumo Wrestlers Training for the US Sumo Open!

(September 27, 2021)
Local news crews filmed our practice at Yamamoto Sumo Dojo, a week before the big tournament in Little Tokyo on Saturday, October 2!
CBS @ 5:45 pm, KCAL @ 10:45 pm on Monday, 9-27-21. Watch


Big Time Fighters . . Big Time Films: John Wick AGAIN!

(May 27, 2022 release)
You saw Keanu Reeves grapple with and shoot Sumo Yama in John Wick 2.
Now check out the longer fight scene with the other Sumo Giant Hiroki in John Wick 4!


Yama vs. Ninja Kidz!

(September 17, 2021)
Yama challenges the Ninja Kidz and others (on multiple channels) — including sumo matches, tug-of-war, cannonball in the pool, and of course, an eating contest (3 vs. 1)! Watch

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