Becoming Sumo – TV Documentary

(December, 2012) Tokyo, Japan
We coordinated an international TV production, documenting the rise of Egyptian sumo star, Osunaarashi, the first-ever Arab Pro Sumo wrestler, and first one ever from the African continent.


Yamamotoyama USA Sumo Tour

(Fall, 2011) Nationwide
“YAMA” is an iconic sumo figure. At 6’4″, 600 pounds, he is the largest Japanese sumo wrestler ever! In 2011, he visited the U.S., to promote sumo, do media interviews, make public appearances, and raise money for the Japanese Red Cross, to help victims of the March 11 disaster.


Grand Sumo Tournament Los Angeles

(June 7-8, 2008) Los Angeles, CA
The entire top-division of Japanese pro sumo wrestlers competed in a two-day tournament. We coordinated the venue, construction of the elevated clay sumo ring and stage, media promotions, and worked closely with the Japanese pro sumo organization on event logistics. Our Director was the house announcer for both days of the tournament.


Musashimaru – 2006 US Sumo Open Special Guest

(April 9, 2006) Los Angeles, CA
MUSASHIMARU was a repeat special guest at the 2006 US Sumo Open, serving as commentator and judge. He was cheered on by a huge entourage of fans at the 2006 US Sumo Open.


Grand Sumo Tournament Las Vegas

(October 7-9, 2005) Las Vegas, NV
Grand Sumo Las Vegas was the most spectacular sumo event ever in this country. About 120 members of professional sumo participated, including the 37 best rikishi, while over 25,000 people attended the three-day tournament. USA SUMO worked throughout 2005 promoting the event, including producing the preview event – Grand Sumo Open – in Los Angeles.


Grand Sumo Open

(August 14, 2005) Los Angeles, CA
Over 4,000 fans watched international competition, as well as a fantastic demonstration by elite Japanese professionals.

2004 musashimaru

Musashimaru – 2004 US Sumo Open Special Guest

(April 6, 2004) Los Angeles, CA
Legendary, record-holding Yokozuna MUSASHIMARU joined the US Sumo Open and reception party, as a special guest. Musashimaru was cheered on by a huge entourage of fans at both the 2004 & 2006 US Sumo Opens.


Sumo Clinic with Akebono

(August, 2003) Los Angeles, CA
AKEBONO offered an historic Sumo Clinic, the first time that an “oyakata” (pro sumo coach) and “yokozuna” (Grand Champion) coached international athletes in sumo in the U.S. He also participated with us in sumo film screenings, and other sumo appearances.

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