All-Star Sumo Tournament

(July 19, 2014) Turning Stone Resort Casino, Verona, New York

Nearly TWO TONS (4,000 pounds) of Sumo Champions collided in upstate New York. Ten contenders from Japan, Mongolia, New Zealand, Egypt, Poland, Russia, and USA, mostly with Japanese Pro Sumo experience, as well as multiple World Sumo Champions, Continental Sumo Champions, and the heaviest Japanese human in history, fought for the title…

This was truly one for the ages, with shocking upsets and dynamic action in the 45 round-robin matches!

Odds-on favorite and 4-time World Sumo Champion Byamba lost his first match against New Zealander Mark, and although Byamba won his remaining 8 matches against all other comers, that first match of the evening proved fateful, as Mark also went undefeated after that, finishing with an incredible 9-0 record, to capture the title, prizes, and trophy!

Other highlights include:

  • The two “little” guys — Egyptian Ramy (280 lbs) and Polish Michal (280 lbs) both achieved 5-4 records — with these winning records, they got additional bonuses, and proved that smaller men can topple the giants!
  • The “BIGGEST” match-up was between 550-pound Yama from Japan and the overall champion, 550-pound Mark! The 1,100-pound collision ended rapidly, with Mark forcing out the Japanese behemoth.
  • Byamba performed his signature “Sumo Slam” on Kelly (the lone American), hoisting him up and then toppling him horizontally down!

A crowd of nearly 2,000 was on the edge of their seats all night! Thank you to Turning Stone for bringing this unique competition to New York State!


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