We produce the US SUMO OPEN, one of the world’s top annual sumo competitions, since 2001! We also develop other sumo tournaments, customized for your city, venue, and audience. If you want a unique, live sports event, where audiences are enthralled by sumo’s power, skill, speed, and acrobatics, we make it happen. Sumo . . . an ancient tradition, becomes the new wave in combat sports.

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(since 2001– Los Angeles, CA)
The US SUMO OPEN is one of the world’s largest and most elite sumo competitions, since 2001! Over 700 athletes from 40 countries have competed. This event is a rare chance to watch National and World Sumo Champions competing live!

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All-Star Sumo Tournament

(Verona, NY)
Ten (10) elite contenders from Japan, Mongolia, New Zealand, Egypt, Poland, Russia, and USA, mostly with Japanese Pro Sumo experience, battled it out. These giants include multiple World Sumo Champions, multiple Continental Sumo Champions. This was one for the ages!

sumo event

Origins International Martial Arts Festival

(Anaheim, CA)
The sumo competition was a highlight of the Origins International Martial Arts Festival at the Disneyland Resort. This specialty tournament showcased sumo’s growing prominence on the global martial arts stage.