We’ve held dozens of sumo lectures and demonstrations at all types of schools. From elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and universities, to numerous Japanese language and culture schools, sumo is an awesome and entertaining way to teach Japanese culture, martial arts, cuisine, ritual, and more.

Some appearances have been for a single class period, while other educational programs have gone on for several days, demonstrating almost every aspect of sumo lifestyle and related Japanese culture. Our programs are available in both English and Japanese.

Attendees have hands-on opportunities to try sumo, to cook sumo stew, to learn the basic exercises, and more. There are also plenty of opportunities for Q & A, and interaction with World Sumo Champion athletes.

School Sumo Lecture

 (Cerritos, CA)
Yama, Pro Sumo Star and heaviest Japanese person ever, appears at Whitney High School. The entire school of 1,000+ students showed up for the assembly, as Yama shared his sumo experiences, answered questions, posed for photos, and even taught some youngsters the basics of sumo!

Sumo Seminar

(Van Nuys, CA)
3-day Sumo Seminar by World Sumo Champion Byamba. We covered fundamentals of sumo for 19 participants from 2 countries and 6 U.S. states. Many participants excelled in their next competition. More

Sumo Education Regional Tour

(Southern California)
A top Japanese Sumo Team from Japan performed sumo lectures, demos, and sumo training at 10 universities and high schools throughout Southern California. Over 12,000 students watched the sumo demonstrations, and asked questions to the visitors from Japan. More

AKEBONO Sumo Clinic

(Manhattan Beach, CA)
AKEBONO offered a historic Sumo Clinic, the first time that a pro sumo coach and “yokozuna” (Grand Champion) coached international athletes in sumo in the U.S. More

MUSASHIMARU Coaches Japan Bowl Sumo Clinic

(Washigton D.C.)
Legendary Musashimaru worked with us, hands-on, at this prestigious Japanese cultural event, in conjunction with the National Cherry Blossom Festival. More


Cedar Sinai Hospital Sumo Lecture (Beverly Hills, CA), Kids Sumo Seminars (San Francisco, CA), Carson High School Sumo Lecture & Demo (Carson, CA), Cal State Northridge University Sumo Lecture (Northridge, CA), LA Bloom Children’s Day Sumo (Little Tokyo, CA), Cal State Northridge “Carnaval” (annual), Sumo training for medical staff in multiple nursing homes.

Additional sumo sessions at over 40 universities, high schools, and other educational institutes, including Long Beach State, Santa Monica College, Cal State San Marcos, and UCLA.

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