What impresses clients more than gargantuan, live sports action at your corporate get-together? To make a huge impact, bring elite sumo wrestlers who actually fly through the air, tumble, and smash together with wall-shaking power! For company celebrations, business meetings, or team-building exercises, sumo is an all-around theme for success.

When companies want UNIQUE entertainment, they go for World Champion sumo wrestlers! What a way to impress clients and reward top performers in your company – have them meet and dine with, and even wrestle with sumo champions . . .Your trade show appearances, product promotions, and entertainment for clients will be UNFORGETTABLE!

Sumo Champs at Automobile EXPOs

(throughout Canada)
For years, our Sumo Champions served as mascots for Subaru’s “Sexy Sumo” campaign throughout Canada, with weeks and weeks of Auto Expo appearances nationwide, as well as promotions at dealers, corporate celebrations, and more.


(San Francisco, CA)
Our World Sumo Champions performed dozens of live shows at both of these expos for 5 years, representing a high-tech client. “Sumo” was the talk of the shows, and the client beat out all their competitors! With 10 consecutive appearances at these expos, it’s clear that sumo was a plus for repeat business.

Yoshinoya Beef Bowl Eating Contest

(Los Angeles, CA)
This PR stunt, which included major media coverage and live news appearances by World Sumo Champions, featured the Champs battling it out, to see who could eat more Yoshinoya Beef Bowls in 15 minutes!

BEST DENKI Store Opening ceremony

The heaviest Japanese sumo wrestler ever was the most exotic representative for the big Japanese electronic chain, expending in the Middle East. Everyone was wearing robes, but Yama was just a “little” different!


Computer Trade Show (Hitachi) , 20+ Las Vegas corporate events and trade shows, Toshiba Golf Classic, Sushi Restaurant Grand Opening Ceremonies (numerous), Resort Hotel Opening Ceremonies, Theme Park appearances, Amazon Web Services Expo, Corporate holiday parties (20+ times), including for Docomo, Survey Monkey, and Microsoft, Private corporate events for several Silicon Valley billionaires

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