Yamamotoyama USA Sumo Tour


(Fall, 2011) Nationwide

“YAMA” (pro sumo fighting name “Yamamotoyama” ) is an iconic sumo figure. At 6’4″, 600 pounds, he is not only the largest Japanese sumo wrestler ever, but he is actually the largest Japanese HUMAN ever! In 2011, he visited the U.S., to promote sumo, do media interviews, make public appearances, and raise money for the Japanese Red Cross, to help victims of the March 11 disaster.

He has been practicing sumo since 1990. After winning numerous university sumo championships, he reached professional sumo’s highest division (“makuuchi”) in only two years, the second fastest pace in history!

Yama’s appearances included visits to several states, and multiple cities throughout California. Besides live sumo performances, Yama was invited to appear on Fox TV “Good Day L.A.”, and he made special appearances at multiple Ozumo Restaurants (Santa Monica and San Francisco), as well as the Martial Arts Museum in Burbank.

The public reacted very positively to Yama’s presentations, demos, and lectures, during his three-week stay in September – October, 2011.

Since that initial tour, Yama has done many appearances throughout the United States and worldwide, and is now based in Los Angeles.

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