Highlight Events


Sumo Exhibitions at the Japan Center Malls

(annually since 2012) San Francisco, CA
Sumo Champions perform all day long, every autumn, in Peace Plaza at the Japan Center Malls, for thousands of cheering fans! One of the most popular Free Sumo Champions Exhibitions, open to the public! This event is an annual highlight for San Francisco’s Japantown.


YPO presents Sumo Showdown

(January 21, 2017) Pittsburgh, PA
World Sumo Champions Yama and Byamba wowed audiences on local TV and radio, leading up to the YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) Sumo Showdown.  Stage AE sold out beyond capacity, with close to 1,500 special guests. The Sumo Champs showed their dynamic ability, while local celebrities, sports stars, and CEOs joined in the action, with “challenge” matches! Money raised from the event supported the YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh.


2016 Sumo Sushi Shows

(June 2016) Southern California
Sumo Sushi Shows returned to Southern California. This one-of-a-kind event is an interactive sumo demonstration where spectators dine on sushi, sip sake, and roar in laughter as lucky audience members get in the ring with our REAL World Sumo Champions. All guests meet the Champions for photos after the show! The Sumo Sushi Show is a live event that you’ll never forget!


World Sumo Champions’ Exhibitions

(May 30, 2015) Minneapolis, MN
Three World Sumo Champions (nearly 1,400 pounds, with 7 collective World Champion titles!) performed multiple sumo demonstrations at Mall of America — a very unique event, and the first time this caliber of sumo stars have shown the sport in America’s Heartland. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for nearly all of the thousands in attendance!


All-Star Sumo Tournament

(July 19, 2014) Verona, New York
Nearly TWO TONS (4,000 pounds) of Sumo Champions collided in upstate New York. Ten contenders from Japan, Mongolia, New Zealand, Egypt, Poland, Russia, and USA, mostly with Japanese Pro Sumo experience, as well as multiple World Sumo Champions, Continental Sumo Champions, and the heaviest Japanese human in history, fought for the title…


3-day Sumo Seminar

(May 16 – 18, 2014) Van Nuys, California
The 3-day Sumo Seminar covered all fundamentals of sumo, for both beginners and experienced wrestlers. This was a great chance to learn from the current and 4-time World Sumo Champion, Byamba, and take your sumo to the next level!


2013 “Sumo + Sushi” Show National Tour

(2012 – 2013) Nationwide
In late 2012, and throughout 2013, USA Sumo performed in 104 mostly sold-out “Sumo+Sushi” shows nationwide. Nearly 30,000 total guests ate gourmet sushi while watching world-class sumo matches and giant stunts! Post-show, guests took 50,000+ total photos with the Sumo Champions, too!


Arnold Sports Festival with Sumo Stars

(March 3-5, 2007) Columbus, OH
Arnold Schwarzenegger himself joined our 6 Sumo Champions in the ring, at this world-renowned event! During the festival, we exhibited sumo action three times for audiences in multiple venues. Sumo Champs also had a private meeting and photo opps with Arnold himself!

csun sumo demo

University & High School Sumo Tour

(March 13 – 18, 2005) Southern California
The Japanese Sumo Team, including the World Sumo Champion, performed sumo lectures, demonstrations, and sumo training at universities and high schools throughout Southern California. Over 12,000 students watched the sumo demonstrations, and asked questions to the visitors from Japan.