Check out the 2017 US SUMO OPEN Highlight Video

The 17th annual US Sumo Open was the most dramatic yet. Former champions reclaimed glory, records were set, and a 245-pounder won the Openweight title! Over 4,000 fans packed the Pyramid, the biggest US Sumo Open turnout to date.

Check out a sample of the action here. Comprehensive clips, with best match coverage and commentary, coming soon! Watch


Live Streaming 2017 US SUMO OPEN via YouTube

(June 17, 2017)
For those who can’t attend the US Sumo Open this year, check it out with live-streaming on our YouTube channel. Don’t miss the big matches! Streaming starts from 1 p.m. (Pacific Time)


2017 US SUMO OPEN – 17th Annual

(June 17, 2017) Walter Pyramid @ California State University Long Beach, CA
You will see the most dynamic sumo action yet. Over 60 sumo stars from 15 countries are training now for the 2017 US Sumo Open, with many repeat powerhouses from last year. Returning to the Pyramid for the 4th year in a row, the US Sumo Open is not to be missed.

This is your one chance in 2017 to catch this level of sumo action LIVE! More

Houston Chronicle

Sumo Champions appear at the Houston Chronicle

(March 29, 2017)
These 4 giants (2,000 pounds total) performed on Facebook Live, along with the Houston Chronicle staff, in preparation for the Men of Menil fundraiser on March 30.
photo: Jon Shapley/Houston Chronicle


The Ellen Show Welcomes Sumo!

(February 21, 2017)
Check it out at 3:00 pm on NBC! Watch


Jagger Eaton’s Mega Life “Sumo Style”

(February 12, 2017)
Stay tuned for the air date on Nickelodeon.


Watch YAMA on the Big Screen

(February 10, 2017)
Check out Yama's fight scene in John Wick: Chapter 2 -- you don't want to mess with a 600-pounder!

ed sheeran

YAMA Beats Up Ed Sheeran!

(January 30, 217)
Don't miss the new "Shape of You" music video for Yama in action.