Japanese sumo Nothing compares to REAL professional Japanese sumo wrestlers. These warriors live, eat, train, and sleep sumo, 24/7, year-round! It's rare for them to travel abroad, but we can make it happen.

We have worked with professional sumo wrestlers and the pro sumo organization for nearly two decades. We have also brought current and retired professional sumo wrestlers on appearances throughout the United States, and overseas. Whether demonstrating stunts in the ring, performing an opening ceremony, or serving as special guests in formal kimono, pro sumo wrestlers are valued as national treasures in Japan, and you can find out why . . .

GRAND SUMO LOS ANGELES (June, 2008) Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, CA
The entire top-division of Japanese pro sumo wrestlers competed in a two-day tournament. We coordinated the venue, construction of the elevated clay sumo ring an stage, media promotions, and worked closely with the Japanese pro sumo organization on event logistics. Our Director was the house announcer for both days of the tournament. More ≫

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GRAND SUMO TOURNAMENT LAS VEGAS (October 7-9, 2005) Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV
Over 120 member of professional sumo participated, including the 37 best rikishi, while 25,000 people attended the three-day tournament. We worked throughout 2005 promoting the event. Our Director, Andrew Freund, joined Konishiki as co-announcer of the three-day competition. More ≫

GRAND SUMO OPEN (August 14, 2005) Los Angeles, CA
With Over 4,000 fans watched international competition, as well as a fantastic demonstration by elite Japanese professionals. More ≫

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