Mawashi (Sumo Belts)

Color Mawashi (Sumo Belt) with Sagari : (Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow, Black, Orange, Green)
These silk-like colorful mawashis with sagari (hanging tassels) are available for special performances and shoots. These are replicas of the elite professional sumo belts, and are not used in international competition. They are great for performances or shows depicting pro sumo action.

sumo belt sumo belt mawashi mawashi

Standard Mawashi (Sumo Belt) : (White, Black)
These mawashis are OFFICIAL thickness and strength, from Japan, and are eligible for use in official tournaments worldwide. We are authorized representative of the official Japanese supplier of sumo equipment in the U.S. Mawashi prices fluctuate, due to Japanese yen exchange rates, and other factors. Please check with us for current price quotes. Contact ≫

sumo belt sumo belt

sumo costumes - Kimono

We have sumo costumes, authentic Sumo Referee's kimono (left, middle). Other apparel for the ringside attendants, sumo hairstylists, sumo judges, and more, are also available.

sumo referee sumo referee
sumo kimono

DOHYO (Sumo Ring)

1. Portable Dohyo
This is compact and easy to assemble. It consists of a thick canvas base, and multiple compressed foam pieces to form the ring. It is easily transportable in two bags. Perfect for all types of sumo events.

sumo ring sumo ring

2. Real sumo ring with "tawara"
This includes rice bales, which are folded, stuffed, and tied, to create the professional sumo dohyo. This looks absolutely authentic, but requires more extensive handling and time to construct.

sumo ring tawara

3. Sumo ring with Fabric "tawara" This extremely durable fabric tawara creates a sumo ring with authentic feel, without the complexity of forming real tawara (rice bales) packed with clay and tied up. This is easy to assemble, and convenient to ship, as well.

tawara sumo ring

SUMO Props

"gumbai" (referee's paddle)
L: lacquered finish, R: wood

Japanese fans

japanese fans
water buckets
wood water bucket
(ceremonial sumo apron)
Sumo topknot hairstyle wigs

sumo wig
"hyoshigi" (clapping sticks)

sumo props
sumo models
Our real sumo models are available at your events! They have mastered special sumo training, and show you incredible performances at your event or party. More ≫

sumo belt

Don't miss one of the most exciting tournaments in the world! The US Sumo Open (since 2001) features elite sumo wrestlers, with many National and World Champions. More ≫

sumo pro

We have worked with some of the greatest sumo legends – and more than 45 other Japanese professional sumo wrestlers! Sumo superstars include Konishiki, Akebono, Musashimaru, Yamamotoyama. More ≫

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sumo events

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